Destination Wedding Photographers


Being a wedding photographer is like doing pentathlon – it is a complex profession that is full of challenges. Yet, it is also very enjoyable, since you always have to give your very best – just like a sportsperson does – so that the newly weds would be captured by the lens in their very best form. Just like pentathlon that consists of five different sports, your big day is also made up of different photography genres that each must be of excellent quality.


I am Robert Szegfi, I have been dealing with wedding photography for 8 years. My purpose: to immortalize love, passion, feeling for you, personalized with unique perspective. It is important for me, that after decades my pictures can take you back in time and help you evoke the marvel again, which there, on the big day burnt into your heart.


The moment put into a frame by a photo machine – whether it is a wedding, a portrait, or an event photo – is always a work  of art, and includes the photographer as well. And I’m always happy to be the photographer!