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Visio Studio is a commercial film production company specializing in startup videos, animations, and commercials. We are based close to Budapest. We make videos for new apps and companies in the technology space, commercials for all verticals, music vidoes, and narrative films. If you're new to video or are interested in an artistic and compelling video for your company, let us know and we can help shape your video project.


Plum commercial film

Oxytarm Fruit & Fibre Plum is nutritional supplement that speeds up the digestive system. It contains Umeboshi which is a pickled Japanese apricot that contributes to a normal bowel and colon function.

We made the spot for the broadcasting televisions for all over the world. This version made for the Russian market. We rented it out a nice botanical garden in Budapest and a laboratory in a high school for the shooting.



Coffee Slender advertising slots.

CoffeeSlender® is a food supplement that consists of savoury freeze dried coffee and Svetol®, a patented extract. We made a short corporate film to promote the company.

The film made in Szentendre. We rented in out a very nice small coffee shop and found two native russian speaker women for the shooting. The budget was quite low, but we could manage it.



Mansion promotional film

Fenyőharaszt is a little village not far from BUdapest. The Mansion very popular for weddings and company events.

The promotional films made in two days shooting. We use drones, steadycam, sliders and tripods for the perfect results.


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